Digital Media Leadership Program Professional Internships

Funding for 2016 is not yet available. Please check back.

A limited number of internships in digital media are available in Austin, Texas for qualified graduate students and early-career professionals. Through these internships, individuals will be placed with companies in Austin. Internships can be an important way for early career professionals to learn more about their areas of interest, gain valuable work experience, and further their professional careers.

What kinds of internships are available?

We have existing relationships with a number of companies, but the type and number of internships available each semester varies substantially based on companies’ work needs. Companies we have placed interns with previously include 501 Post (post-production,, Enspire Learning (educational applications,, Via Vivo (educational applications,, the UT Documentary Center (documentary production,, Spacetime Studios (video gaming,, KUT (public radio,, SolarWinds (industrial video production,, and Innography (business intelligence visualization, We are constantly working to develop new opportunities, so these are just a sampling.

What kinds of skills do I need?

The type of internships available varies, and accordingly, the necessary skill set varies. Companies have expressed needs for interns with skills in programming, 3D art, sound editing, web design, animation and other areas. Interns are expected to develop their skills on the job, but they should not assume that they will be able to learn a whole program from scratch. If, for example, you want to work in animation, you would need to be competent in Flash and whatever other areas necessary to complete internship tasks. Interns are expected to be able to do professional quality work and contribute meaningfully to the companies they are placed with.

Companies differ in their weekly work hour requirements. Please be sure to establish your expectations when you initially speak with your prospective host company. While some interns work 16-20 hours a week, others may work 40 hours. We require that interns work a minimum of 16 hours, and anything above this is to be negotiated between you and the company.

How long do internships last?

Most internships last 3 months. Please note that length of stay can affect which internships are available, as some companies have minimum time requirements for internships. Internships are available on a rolling basis, which means we will work with your schedule. However, you must state your preferred dates in your application, and we must have at least 2 months’ time to locate an appropriate company for your internship and make the necessary arrangements.

All interns must possess a J-1 visa, regardless of the duration of their stay. Once dates for the internship are established, the program will facilitate the acquisition of visiting researcher status and the DS-2019 document needed for the visa application. These processes can take a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

Who qualifies for an internship?

Internships are open to early-career professionals. Although priority is given to those who have participated in UT-Austin | Portugal Digital Media programs and to graduate students enrolled in degree programs affiliated with the UT-Austin | Portugal Digital Media Collaboration, all qualified applicants will be considered.

How do I apply for an internship?

Applications are available for download here:

Digital Media Leadership Program Application Form [37KB .doc]

Only complete applications will be accepted. All parts of the application must be completed in full for the application to be considered. If you are having difficulty completing the application or have any questions regarding the process, contact the internship coordinator before submitting your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Is financial assistance available?

Some financial assistance will be available to qualified interns. Generally, we are able to fund airfare to the U.S., housing for up to 3 months, health insurance, and visa fees. We are also able to list interns as “visiting researchers” at the University of Texas, which grants them access to the university library system, gyms, and other campus amenities, as well as the city bus system. Interns are responsible for any additional expenses. The cost of living in Austin is comparable to the cost of living in Portugal. Qualified interns who wish to complete an internship but who do not qualify for financial assistance based on program affiliation can still participate, but will be responsible for funding their own expenses.

Can I study while I am in Austin?

Austin offers a variety of resources for interns including professional organizations, presentations, meetings, and other events. We can assist you in looking for opportunities relevant to your area of expertise.

You may also apply to take courses at UT Austin as a non-degree seeking student, but please keep in mind this will require you to take a full load of classes (typically three, at graduate level) and pay tuition and fees. The UT Austin fall semester begins in late August and the spring semester begins in mid-January. If you plan to take courses, you must arrive before classes begin.

Where can I find practical information about life in Austin?

See our Life in Austin page for information about housing, transportation, medical insurance, banking, and more.

If you have more questions, please contact the program manager:

Cecilia Garrec