Master’s Programs

To train the digital media professionals and researchers of the future, the UT Austin|Portugal Program offers two programs for Masters-level students, a Master of Arts in digital media and supplemental programs in Computer Science. These programs enable students to pursue advanced studies in the communication and computing.

Master of Arts in Digital Media

Starting in the 2009-2010 school year, the digital media program will offer a special MA program in mulitmedia through the University of Porto. This program differs from the existing MA program by constraining the teaching component to one year, thereby increasing the amount of time dedicated to thesis or project work in Austin. Students can choose between one of four specializations, which are listed below.

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Interactive Music and Sound Design
  • Technologies.

Of particular note, a number of new courses have been created to support the new area of interactive music that include Digital Interactive Systems, Sound Design for Digital Media, Music Information Retrieval and Automatic Music Generation.

Supplemental Programs for Computer Science MSc students

MSc programs in Computer Science: Portuguese computer science students participating in CoLab, either as doctoral students in Advanced Digital Media or Advanced Computing, or during their internships, have a solid background for research problems using innovative computer science approaches. Past seminars and TACC workshops on Advanced Computing were a clear contribution to this reality and these positive experiences should be repeated in an integrated way, starting at the MSc level. Current MSc degrees with courses on parallel computing and numerical methods will benefit when more faculty from Austin visit Portugal for short stays to deliver course modules on these subjects. For more information, see the Advanced Computing section of our Outreach Events page.