About CoLab

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

The Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT) sponsors the Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies (CoLab) initiative as part of the UT Austin|Portugal Program to increase academic programs and research in emerging technologies across the nation of Portugal. The program first launched on March 22, 2006, and was recently renewed through the end of 2017.  This cross-disciplinary effort is coordinated by the Office of the Vice President for Research at The University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with the IC² Institute.
 CoLab seeks to enhance Portuguese scientific and technological capacity and to reinforce the international reach of leading Portuguese universities and scientific institutions. From the program’s beginnings UT Austin|Portugal’s Colab program has named Digital Media as its technological pivot. This long-term international collaboration is powered by The University of Texas at Austin to explore Digital Media in the locus of four academic disciplines: 
·       Digital Media
·       Mathematics
·       Advanced Computing
·      Nanotechnology (new in 2013)
The interdisciplinary strength of The University of Texas at Austin and the collaboration of several renowned departments across the University facilitate a comprehensive approach, while the media environment of Austin provides important opportunities in both industrial contexts and research settings. Since 2007, hundreds of graduate students and faculty members from both sides of the Atlantic have achieved significant results through an array of workshops, conferences, publications, academic course offerings, degree programs, research projects, and technologies developed to meet market needs through entrepreneurial processes. 
CoLab is now entering a new phase of activities and events:  to build on past success and develop deeper, broader avenues for Portugal to advance both its quality and capacity in emerging technologies.  To foster sustainable, long term results, this new CoLab phase will increase collaboration with UTEN to promote entrepreneurial efforts across the nation of Portugal.