Visiting and Studying at UT Austin

Members of the UT Austin|Portugal program who wish to spend time at UT Austin have several options.

Exploratory visits are encouraged to allow students to meet with professors, visit classes, explore research opportunities and plan for possible long-term enrollment at UT Austin.

Visiting Researchers work with UT Austin faculty on research projects and and have access to University resources such as the library system and online databases, but may not regularly attend (“audit”) lectures, due to University-wide rules. Most Visiting Researchers are expected to have developed clear research plans prior to coming to Austin. Students who are still developing their doctoral projects may attend UT as registered students.

UT Austin PhD programs are open to applications by Portuguese students through the normal channels. (Students in CoLab PhD programs in Portugal may simultaneously seek a UT Austin PhD, but admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other.)

Digital Media Professional Internships allow visitors to work in Austin companies. Internships are open both to students and to early-career professionals.

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Note also that Digital Media students may receive financial support for exploratory visits and one-semester fellowships through the Advanced Digital Media Mobility Awards program.

For practical tips about housing, transportation, and more, please see our Life in Austin page.