Industrial Affiliates

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

Nearly every facet of the UT Austin|Portugal program interfaces with industry in some way. From the internship program to the research calls, the program collaborates with industrial partners.  In addition, the Digital Media Program has sponsored activities that interface with industry in more direct ways. Some, like the seminars on search and retrieval, engage industry professionals by sharing best practices, while others bring Portuguese professionals to Austin to interact and network with peers on the other side of the Atlantic. These direct-engagement activities complement the overall raft of digital media programs by solidifying the academic-industrial connection. Below are some of the partners in the Industrial Affiliates Program, which invites businesses to partner with the CoLab initiative to ensure that future education meets the needs of industry. 


Brandia Central




Casa da Música


Critical Software




Fundação de Serralves






Media Capital Editora Multimédia


Porto Editora