Workshop on Advanced Computing for Earth Sciences

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

21 Nov 2017

Sustainability, space exploration, climate change and big data are some of the main issues to be discussed during three-day event

Within the UT Austin | Portugal Program, the workshop will take place at U.Porto between December 18th and 20th and will be attended by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor.

The workshop focuses on the relevant application areas such as climate change, ocean modeling, space exploration and energy systems, as well as on underlying CS technologies such as computing platforms for large-scale modeling and simulation and systems for archiving, processing, curating, analysing, and disseminating vast amounts of data.

The themes will be addressed by professors from the main universities around the world, highlighting MIT, Cornell University, UT Austin, Notre Dame University and U.Porto. The speakers are renowned for their research on computational sustainability, simulation and modeling of complex geophysical systems, the ocean and its role in the global climate system, sea unmanned vehicles, Earth and planetary computational science, big data analytics, and infrastructures for scientific applications.

According to the workshop organizer, Professor Fernando Silva, the discussions will help to set future research directions for the new International Research Center to be established in the Azores (AIR Center) by the Portuguese government, focusing particularly on the Atlantic.

The registration must be done until December 11th on the website

The Workshop on Advanced Computing will happen simultaneously with the Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Energy (read more here).