Workshop on Modelling and Simulations of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

24 Nov 2017

Three-day event brings together 32 medicine, mathematics, and computational specialists to debate complex biomedical problems

Within the activities of the UT Austin | Portugal CoLab Program in Advanced Computing, the workshop took place at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences on November 13-15 and was attended by a public of 70 doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers and graduates interested in Computational Medicine and Biomathematics.

According to Professor Adélia Sequeira, member of the Organizing Committee, the workshop provided a place to exchange recent developments, discoveries, and progress in this challenging research field. “It is fundamental to foster progress in understanding the mechanisms of the patho-physiology and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer using HPC techniques to solve mathematical models”.

The 32 invited speakers covered a variety of topics, such as numerical modeling and large-scale simulations of electromechanical physiology, missing data for computational hemodynamics, modeling and simulations of the early stage of atherosclerosis, reformulation of legal rules regarding cardiac devices reuse, combination therapy of cancer with vaccine and inhibitors, and Oncology clinical practice and new approaches.

More information about the workshop and the abstracts from each speaker are available in